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our blank page contains a wealth of new content to enable you to work and design using the most advanced technologies backed by of our craftsmanship built in italy. digrandebellezza light
to enrich the world of digrandebellezza light, and to design and customize your light, download the Viabizzuno applight from the app store or play store.
a story born in romagna and another one in a land that bears the name of romagna. the first is in via Bizzuno, the second in via romagnoli. they are the same story: the tale of one man that has become the story of many people
the half-yearly magazine that describes our way of making light. to intrigue, appreciate, study and explore projects and architectures, people and events
Viabizzuno illuminates the tomb of julio II and michelangelo's moses in the basilica of san pietro in vincoli, roma.
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