IP20 rated floor standing and wall modular light fitting for indoor use, made of oxidized extruded aluminium with a 30x32mm section, length 2600mm, 2200mm and 1800mm, which can be paired with 400mm or 800mm long blind or electrified modules, adjustable by 355°on the vertical axis and by 180° on the horizontal axis. versions: mosaico parete, mosaico parete cieco, mosaico terra, mosaico terra cieco. mosaico terra version base sizes: 140x140x140mm. mosaico wired with 3000K led source up to 51,2W 4915lm. the modules are available with 3000K 4W 316lm led source or one or three spotlights adjustable by 90° on the horizontal axis, wired for G53 12V lamps not included. 240V 50-60Hz power supply included. accessories: lenses and honeycomb louvres. finishes: matt silver or nero55.



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