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campana brembana
IP20 rated recessed ceiling light fitting for indoor use. made of painted plaster to totally integrate within the architecture. several lighting kits available to be installed in the light fitting to create different scenographies. versions: campana brembana 900 fully concealed sizes 1200x1200x900mm with diameter Ø800mm hole, campana brembana ribassata 350 sizes 1200x1200x350mm with diameter Ø750mm hole protruding by 142mm from the ceiling, campana brembana 400 sizes 595x595x400mm with diameter Ø405mm hole, campana brembana ribassata 250 sizes 595x595x250mm with diameter Ø365mm hole protruding by 37mm from the ceiling. 2700K 3000K and 4000K Ra95 6W and 12.2W led kit, 3x5W and 3x10W rgb led kits available. power supply not included, to be installed remotely. possible dali/1-10V and dmx dimming. finishes: white painted plaster.



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