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fi 50
floor standing, wall, ceiling and suspension light fitting for indoor and outdoor use with IP67 rating. made of 2.8mm thick, diameter Ø50mm, 674mm, 974mm, 1274mm and 1474mm long pyrex glass cylinder closed at the end by aluminium caps with diameter Ø63mm: one is a blind cap and one is a four pole IP67 male connector. three linear led sources with different colour temperatures and an integrated current limiter are fitted in a silver oxydised aluminium support with a reflector. these three light lines can be controlled separately by a remote system to obtain different lighting effects in all possible shades of white. wired with 3000K, 4000K and 5000K Ra95 led source at 28.5W for 674mm, 42W for 974mm, 57W for 1274mm and 66W for 1474mm. optics: 43°x102° accessories: suspension steel cables, aluminium supports for wall mounting and power supply cables or extension cables with 4-poles IP67 connectors available in different lengths. finishes: transparent glass and chemical nickel polished aluminium.



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