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IP20 rated wall or suspension modular system for indoor use, made of oxidised and powder coated extruded aluminium having a 60x120mm section. the bottom groove is ready to be wired with binario 3~230V, binario 3-230V dali or with c2 profile, while the upper groove is ready to be wired with c2 profile. versions: accabi parete (3000mm) equipped with 4 wall fixing plates. accabi sospensione (3000mm) equipped with 3 suspension kits with 3000mm steel cable. accabi sospensione (2000x2000m and 2000x3000mm) wholly wired with binario 3~230V (bottom groove) and Ra95 3000K 26W/m led source for indirect light (upper groove). 220-240V 50-60Hz power supply included. accessories: caps and linear joints. finishes: bianco V, nero55.



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