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IP20 rated recessed light fitting for indoor use, made of powder coated oxidized aluminium. consisting spotlight with recessed ceiling housing diameter Ø155mm which can be installed on surfaces from 1mm up to 35mm by means of a system of adjustable tabs. versions: m13 fisso with diameter Ø123mm h.148mm spotlight, m13 orientabile with diameter Ø123mm h.148mm spotlight adjustable by 360° on the vertical axis and by 15° on the horizontal axis, m13 incasso wallwasher with diameter Ø123mm h.156mm spotlight. wired with 2700K, 3000K or 3000Vb K (designed for high fashion industry) Ra98 led source up to 30.5W 3000lm. optics: 19° 28° 42° 54° or wallwasher. constant current power supply not included, to be installed remotely. accessories: interchangeable optics, honeycomb louvre, albarino filter, elliptical lens, frosted glass. finishes: spotlights my bianco or nero55, recessed housing my bianco, nero55 or brown, fully concealed housing nero55.



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