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IP20 rated portable and rechargeable table, suspended and wall mounting light fitting for indoor use. made of oxidized aluminium composed of cylindrical body leather covered. dimensions: diameter Ø130mm h.290mm. wired with 2700K 3.7W 468lm led source. on-off starting dimmable 1%-100% system. 10 hours battery life, 8 hours recharge time, 100-240V/20V usb-c power supply with plug included. accessories: wall kit, suspension kit and support plate. finishes: metal structure argento hacca, linen colour leather or black. Viabizzuno dedicates a series of special colours of manondovevamovedercipiù to gianpaolo pagni within the collaboration for milan 2024: body in argento hacca, covered in sea blue, cherry or canary leather. suspension kit chrome.



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