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big feet
premio form francoforte 1996
premio lumiére d'argent parigi 1997
IP67 rated floor-standing light fitting for indoor and outdoor use. made of peraluman aluminium, maximum size 280x280mm h.338mm, with 4 feet. versions: big feet with trasparent IK10 shock-resistant glass. big feet with sanded IK10 shock-resistant glass. asymmetrical and symmetrical kits wired with Ra97 3000K 2x22,1W 3490lm led source. adjustable kit spot with Ra98 30,5W 3000lm led source. optics: asymmetrical, symmetrical, 18°, 28°, 42°. 120-240V 50-60Hz power supply included. accessories: adjustable anti-glare louvres, cable with switch and plug. finishes: peraluman aluminium, antique brown, scurodivals.



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