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lanterna tirolese
IP44 rated table lamp portable and IP55 light fitting for indoor and outdoor use, made of painted aluminum, with base diameter Ø125mm h309mm, opaline clear glass diffuser and Ø90mm semicircular handle. can also be installed in marine environment. models: lanterna tirolese batteria: battery life 10 hours, recharge time 12 hours, accessories: suspension kit; wired with electronic source 2700K 3,8W 415lm. 100-240V usb-c power supply with plug included; lanterna tirolese parete/picchetto: wired with electronic source 2700K 6,1W 600lm. components: wall kit and ground fixing peg with wiring included. constant current remote power supply not included to be installed remotely. finishes: antique brown, scurodivals, night black, silver grey.



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