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da ma essenza
IP20-rated suspension light fitting for indoor use. made of natural brass calendered profiles of different sizes with a section of 10x10mm and a cylindrical shape, separated by diameter Ø80mm brass rings with biconcave lenses. versions: da ma essenza sospensione Ø1200 made up of 52 lenses on 4 rows, diameter Ø1200mm h.331mm, 24x2.5W; da ma essenza sospensione Ø600 made up of 26 lenses su 4 rows, diameter Ø600 h.331, 12x2,5W. the light fitting contains two brass profiles with 10x3mm section, which create an electrified track to power the n22 2700K Ra95 electronic led sources for diffused light, equipped with rods of different heights supporting the clear crystal diffuser to create suggestive light effects. accessories: kit for suspended installation included. finishes: natural brass.



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