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IP20-rated indoor wall-mounted display structure with integrated lighting made of Ø13mm section oxidized extruded aluminum with 4mm anti-glare fin and satin polycarbonate diffuser. versions: bottigliera 01. 76 bottles, 1577x100x2500mm, 4 modules for 19 shelves, 2x88W. bottigliera 02. 38 bottles, 812x100x2500mm, 2 modules for 19 shelves, 2x46W. bottigliera 03. 24 bottles, 1577x100x753mm, 4 modules for 8 shelves, 2x32W. wired with electronic linear source Ra95 2700K 3W/m, adjustable with 24Vdc power supply excluded, to be installed remote. through double internal wiring it is possible to manage the front and back source separately. finishes: argento hacca, nero55.



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