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palo gonfalone
IP55-rated lighting system for outdoor use. it consists of 2 coated AISI 304 stainless steel tubulars with diameter 76mm spaced 770mm and height above ground 7700mm. the pole is equipped with two included power supply units that can power up to 4 nett uno. system set for integration of a banner. components: nett uno 100 with Ø48mm clamp wired with electronic source 2700K or 3000K up to 30,4W 4577lm optics 8° 18° 25° 37° 58°; accesories: clamp nett uno, clamp cubo large and cubo 30. cubo 30, 300x85mm wired with Ra 97 35,4W 4435lm electronic source power supply included; cubo large, 300x125mm wired with Ra 97 27,4W 3096lm electronic source up to 27,4W power supply excluded. finishes: bruno antico, nero notte, scurodivals, grigio argento.



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