cono infinito
fully concealed IP20 rated light fitting for indoor use. made of oxidised aluminium. the fully recessed fitting leaves only a diameter Ø84mm hole visible in the suspended ceiling. versions: cono infinito diameter Ø210mm h.257mm, cono infinito diameter Ø150mm h.100mm, cono infinito with suction diameter Ø275mm h.257mm, designed to house at the bottom a diameter Ø100mm tube for connection to the duct system, not included. available with IP20 rated led kit wired with 2700 or 3000K Ra98 11.6W up to 1105lm led source, 240V 50-60Hz power supply included, to be installed remotely or with IP44 rated led kit wired with 2700 or 3000K Ra98 up to 8.1W 819lm led source. constant current power supply not included, to be installed remotely; finishes: matt silver or gold oxidised recessed fitting, led kit nero55.



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