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IP20 rated floor standing and wall modular light fitting for indoor use, made of oxidized extruded aluminium with a 30x32mm section, length 2600mm, 2200mm and 1800mm, which can be paired with 400mm or 800mm long blind or electrified modules, adjustable by 355°on the vertical axis and by 180° on the horizontal axis. versions: mosaico parete, mosaico parete cieco, mosaico terra, mosaico terra cieco. mosaico terra version base sizes: 140x140x140mm, mosaico modulo G53, mosaico modulo led, mosaico modulo cieco superiore. mosaico wired with 3000K led source up to 51,2W 4915lm. the modules are available with 3000K 4W 316lm led source or one or three G53 12V 2700K or 3000K led spot components up to 15W 875lm with 9° 24° 40° or 45° optics that can be adjusted individually. 240V 50-60Hz power supply included. accessories: accessory carrier, elliptical lens, diffusing lens, honeycomb louvre. finishes: matt silver and nero55.



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