dry location rated system for indoor use, made of oxidised extruded aluminium sizes 17x20mm/0.7x0.8’’ 3000mm/118.1’’ leght. 10mm/0.4’’ wide groove in which is possible to install of a 24Vdc cable having a 10.6x4.2mm/0.4x0.2’’ section with 2x1mm² conductors. the following 2700K or 3000K 24Vdc led sources can be installed: micromen 1W up to 90lm 13° and 25°; dimming 13x8 13W/m up to 1510mm/59.5’’ in length; n22 2.5W with a crystal diffuser; trentotto 6W 454lm with 19° and 41° optics; eco mini 12.4W 826lm 13° or 12.7W 1075lm with 17° and 31° optics; n55 with h.350mm/13.8’’ rod and n55 with h.900mm/35.4’’ rod 9.7W 1240lm which can be configured with a blue or white silk shade diameter Ø170mm/6.7’’ h.135mm/5.3’’; n55 adjustable version 9.7W 1240lm which can be configured with standard, decorative and technical bulb. finishes: nero55, argento hacca.



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