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kit elettrici di cablaggio per sistemi integrati con l'architettura
IP20 rated indoor light fitting for integrated systems built into the architecture. made of oxidised and powder coated aluminium. they are universally compatible with all Viabizzuno integrated systems and can be installed with a quick coupling hook. versions: n55 orientabile 070/094 sistema up to 19.5W 2140lm, 13° 18° 19° 23° 30° 31° 37° 42° 46° 47°, econo 070/094 sistema up to 26.3W 2411lm 15° 25° 33°, wallwasher line of light up to 52W 4992lm, ecomini 070/094 sistema up to 16.8W 1791lm 13° 19° 36°. wired with 2700K, 3000K, 3000Vb K or 3200Vb K led source (designed for high fashion industry). accessories: honeycomb louvre, elliptical lens, albarino glass, anti glare, profile spot for n sistema, optics, kit supporto luce lineare. power supplies not included, to be installed remotely. finishes: n55 orientabile nero55 for 070/094 sistema; econo nero55 for 070/094 sistema; oxidised matt silver wallwasher continuous line of light; my bianco and nero55 for ecomini 070/094 sistema. customize your light visit



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