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lanterna massima
IP55 rated pole, wall, ceiling and suspended light fitting for outdoor use. it consists of a Ø224mm h.739mm oxidised and powder coated aluminium light diffuser with an extra-clear tempered blown glass ampoule, complete of strap wrench for glass screwing. any irregularities in the glass are a guarantee of an unique product, blown and entirely hand crafted by master glassmakers. versions: lanterna massima palo consists of a hot galvanised and powder painted steel tapered pole, with a maximum height of 4500 mm above ground. the diameter ranges from 102mm to 2000mm; the diameter of the upper part is 60mm. the light diffuser is affixed to the pole by means of a clamp holding a steel tubular support. lanterna massima parete, wall mounted by means of a 60x140x140mm support equipped with an unevenly shaped calendered steel pipe. lanterna massima soffitto Ø224mm h.739mm. lanterna massima sospensione Ø224mm h.1648mm with rigid rod. wired with 3000K 38.4W 4250lm led source. accessories: elliptical lens. 240V 50-60Hz dali or astrodim dimmable power supply included. finish: antique brown.



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