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cubo palo
accessories for cubo bandiera light fittings, made of 316L stainless and powder coated steel or corten steel. versions: cubo palo h.3000mm above ground, Ø76mm. cubo palo h.5000mm above ground, Ø76mm. cubo palo h.8000mm above ground, Ø114 in the lower part, Ø76mm in the upper part. cubo palo with cor-ten steel finish, Ø80mm. they feature a slot for the terminal block at a height of 1000mm. 107X107x107mm pole support, available for Ø60 and Ø76mm poles. accessories: signage support finishes: 316L stainless steel, antique brown, night black, scurodivals, silver grey and corten.



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