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IP54 indoor modular system made of natural brass and steel designed for distribution of power and data lines with modular lighting system, fully integrated into the floor and inspectable. versions: ticablo, full retractable formwork Ø330 with cover Ø160 arranged for housing wiring and power electronics and quick-connect bushing; ticablo singola centrale, full retractable formwork Ø290 with cover Ø160 arranged for housing wiring and power electronics; ticablo perimetrale singole e tripla quick-connect bushing; ticablo asta, n55 interface system h. 2100mm, wired with n55 dynamic thruster les19 3000K 19,9W 700mA 2140lm Ra98 1 step macadam. the specific n55 lamp-holder allows to change three types of light diffuser: classic, decorative and technical. accessories: ground and wall modules arranged for arkè vimar series two modules. finishes: argento hacca, natural brass, black, red.



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