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IP20 rated floor standing, wall and suspension light fitting for indoor use. versions: fiore floor-standing with Ø250mm aisi 304 steel base, h.2100mm maximum height. Ø16mm h.1200mm fixed rod and Ø80mm h.158mm conical diffuser, power supply not included; fiore grande floor-standing with Ø300mm aisi 304 steel base, h.2500 maximum height. Ø18mm h.1600mm fixed rod and Ø129mm h.255mm conical diffuser, power supply not included; fiore parete with Ø14mm 1000mm flexible rod, Ø80mm h.158mm conical diffuser; activation and dimming with linear potentiometer, power supply not included. fiore sospensione with Ø80mm h.145mm power supply rose, h.1500mm maximum height, Ø129mm h.255mm conical diffuser. power supply not included; wired with Ra98 2700K up to 11.6W 1026lm led source. finishes: polished chrome with diffuser covered with black leather handmade in italy.



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