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IP44 rated floor standing light fitting for outdoor use. made of passivated satin steel and 20micron oxidised aluminium, with a AISI 316L stainless steel central rod that can be adjustable in h.2700-3500mm height. it presents eight aluminium arms supporting the octagonal-shaped white acrylic canvas sheet diameter of 4200mm. it is provided with a protective waterproof transparent wrap, enabling light diffusion even when it is closed, thus creating a brand-new light fitting. ombrella is designed as a stand alone fitting or as a system comprising connected and synchronised fittings. versions: ombrella without led source, available with base or ground anchor, ombrella rgbw stand alone with base or ground anchor equipped with 220-240V 50-60Hz power supply to be installed remotely, ombrella maestro rgbw, ombrella discepolo rgbw. wired with 3000K 6x2.9W electronic source for direct light with 25° optics and 4x3W rgb electronic source for diffuse indirect light. it is possible to control the stand alone or maestro ombrella light sources using a remote control which turns on, turns off and regulates direct and indirect light separately. the ombrella discepolo can be controlled by remote dmx signal generator (not included) or in sync with a ombrella maestro equipped with a remote control. components: power supply and control unit available for synchronous remote control or from ombrella maestro for remote dmx control, AISI 316L stainless steel square base or ground anchor. customize your light visit



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