floor-standing light fitting for outdoor use, made of AISI 316L steel and aluminium. it consists of a diameter Ø90mm h.17mm IP65 diffuser and 600mm rod. versions: tsukimiso fixed version equipped with a stake for ground installation, constant current power supply not included, to be installed remotely; tsukimiso, supplied with a 48Vdc IP67 motorised system, to be installed using the appropriate housing, which makes it possible to adjust the light fitting to the millimetre to create ever-changing sceneries of light. dmx control system to be ordered separately. wired with 3000K 6,1W 640lm led source. accessories: cable/extensions with m8 IP65 connector available in different lengths for the fixed version and with m12 IP65 for the motorised version. finishes: polished stainless steel for motorised version, antique brown, night black, scurodivals and silver grey for fixed version.



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