IP20 rated modular light fitting for indoor use to be installed on ceiling, wall, recessed or fully concealed. made of aluminium with a magnetic base element of 38x38mm. versions: inté 00 3W fixed spotlight 19° and 44°, inté 01 6W adjustable spotlight 19° and 41°, inté 02 6W adjustable trentotto spotlight with dimmer 19° and 41°, inté 05 3W diffused light fixed spot 115°, inté 06 3W fixed spotlight with square optic 66°x66°, inté 07 micromen1W adjustable 13° 25°, inté 08 usb, inté 09 1W fixed spotlight 13° 25°, inté 10 blind item inté 11 wallwasher 5,9W. recessed, fully concealed, wall and ceiling housings to accommodate from 1 to 8 different elements. wired with 2700K and 3000K led sources powered at 24Vdc. 220-240V 50-60Hz power supply included only in the ceiling version 240; finishes: nero55 and bianco V.



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