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IP65 rated light fitting for outdoor use made of oxidised and powder coated aluminium, it can be suspended with the tesata system or installed on a hot galvanised steel pole superficially treated and powder coated with a section of Ø102mm h.4700mm or h.7700mm above ground. versions: proiettore palo 3x12W measuring 190x850x112mm, wired with 3000K 3x12W 4338lm led source, proiettore palo 5x12W measuring 190x1148x112mm, wired with 3000K 5x12W 7230lm led source, proiettore palo 10x12W measuring 190x2074x112mm, wired with 3000K 10x12W 14460lm led source, proiettore tondo measuring diameter Ø916mm h.140mm, wired with 3000K 5x12W 7230lm led source, tesata measuring 190x773x112mm, wired with 3000K 4x12W 5784lm led source, 220-240V 50-60Hz dali or astrodim dimmable power supply included. finishes: antique brown, night black, scurodivals, silver grey.



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