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cisei sistema
IP20-rated wall system with luminous movable shelves recessed in a fully concealed electrified track for indoor use, accessible from the front through a 6mm thick slot. made of black oxidized extruded aluminum with section 3mm2, set to accommodate cable-free quick-connect components. versions: cisei sistema binario, complete with power head with 2x0.75mm2 cable length 1000mm, 1500mm, 2000mm, 3000mm. cisei boiserie, size 3212x2222mm with 5-shelf structure made of beech, available with aluminum covers included or only structure for customization by the client. wired with electronic linear indirect light source Ra95 3000K 13W/m 24Vdc, dimmable with remote power supply excluded. cisei sistema mensola, 6mm-thick illuminated moving top made of extruded aluminum, depth 240mm, length 480mm, 990mm, 1490mm, 1990mm wired with 20W/m 24V linear electronic source 2700K or 3000K, dimmable with 24Vdc remote power supply excluded. finishes: argento opaco and nero opaco. hello, who's speaking? are you there? are you there or are you not? it depends… so only 6mm? yes, only 6mm. then we'll see!



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