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070 sistema
system designed to be integrated in the architecture, it not only suggests new ways of designing space through lighting but also enables services and technical installations to be integrated with spatial requirements. made of an extruded aluminium profile measuring 70x38mm with a visible thickness of 20mm, to be installed on surfaces not thicker than 17mm. the system gives maximum design flexibility using end plates to create 70mm t o 140mm grooves, 500mm, 1000mm, 2000mm or 3000mm profiles with connection joints and casing. housings with profiles to create 100x100mm or 140x140mm openings are available. accessories: internal or external angular connectors, linear joints and compensatory thickness. the profile can be equipped with kit elettrici di cablaggio per sistemi integrati con l'architettura. finishes: natural aluminium, chrome, nero55 and gold profile; nero55 and bianco V carter and housings. customize your light visit



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