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modular system for indoor use. made of oxidized extruded aluminium, designed for the distribution of cables and other floor electrical components. versions: aituoipiedi centrale 96 135x96mm 3000mm complete with h.10 mm lid that can be trampled and that is flush with the floor, aituoipiedi centrale 106 135x106mm 3000mm with h.10mm lid designed for a 10mm thick coating (stone, wood, marble, ceramic), aituoipiedi perimetrale 162 136.5x162mm 3000mm designed to accommodate 13x8 light fitting for wall lighting, to be purchased separately. the extruded profile can be divided to obtain different heights. the lid may be staggered with access lids to easily reach systems, sockets and other electrical components. accessories: blind lid, end plate, straight joints, fittings. finishes: nero55.



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