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IP40 rated table, wall or ceiling light fitting for indoor use. made of oxidised aluminium, it consists of a head with the light source and a flexible rod having a length of 200 mm that can be adjusted in every direction. versions: toccami parete with 14x32x40mm support, it can be equipped with an integrated sensor which allows to switch on and off the lamp by brushing against its surface, toccami parete no touch is designed for remote switching, wired with 2700K or 3000K 1.9 up to 280lm led source. constant current power supply included, to be installed remotely. optics: 22° accessories: 1 or 3 modules box fixing plate, american type box fixing plate, blind module fixing plate, brickwork recessed bushing. finishes: nero55, polished silver and antiqued brass. customize your light visit



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