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gabriele basilico. le mie città
lieu:palazzo reale - triennale milano
projet:umberto zanetti, zda zanetti design architettura
projet éclairage:umberto zanetti - marionanni - Viabizzuno
photo:alessandro saletta - dsl studio
courtesy of unifor
Viabizzuno lights up the ‘gabriele basilico. le mie città’ exhibition, celebrating the famous photographer with over 300 shots of italian and international cities. promoted and produced by comune di milano cultura with palazzoreale and triennale di milano together with electa, it has been created with the scientific collaboration of the gabriele basilico archive. the architecture exhibition has been designed by umberto zanetti, zda zanetti design architettura. the lighting project, developed with @mario nanni and Viabizzuno, draws inspiration from the luminaires of the urban landscapes immortalized by the cosmopolitan gaze of the italian photographer. the overhead cables that punctuate the images of the cities of basilico are reinterpreted by the catenaria di luce serpentine, designed for Viabizzuno by peter zumthor . the light projectors can be adjusted within a flexible setup created with unifor.



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