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n55 tavolo
IP20 rated table light fitting for indoor use, made of oxidised aluminium. versions: n55 tavolo 01 with diameter Ø110mm base; n55 tavolo 02 with diameter Ø200mm base. compatible with the following propulsori dinamici n55: 55/350e les19 9.7W 350mA 1240lm, 55/350 les19 9.7W 350mA 1240lm, 55/500 les19 14W 500mA 1580lm, 55/500 les9 13.6W 500mA 800lm, 65/500e les19 14W 500mA 1580lm, 65/700 les19 19.9W 700mA 2140lm, 65/700 les9 19.5W 700mA 1110lm. all propellers are Ra98 1 step macadam with 2700K, 3000K led source. the base is equipped with a potentiometer to adjust the lighting intensity, wired with a 48V converter with intelligent control, which automatically supplies the right current according to the type of propeller. 120-240V 50-60Hz power supply with eu/uk/usa - jp/ccc/aus plugs thanks to the special n55 lamp-holder, it is possible to change three types of light diffuser: standard, decorative and technical. any irregularities in the glass are a guarantee of an unique product, blown and entirely hand crafted by master glassmakers. finishes: argento hacca, nero55. decorative and standard diffuser with transparent, sanded and milk white glass. customize your light visit



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