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A sistema
IP20-rated track system for indoor use. made with 30x48mm oxidized extruded aluminum profile up to 3000mm. possibility of ceiling installation and total recessed through special housing. eight copper conductors of 3mm² cross section form four ignition lines up to 5 amperes. set to accommodate point-to-point addressable adapters via casambi system for n55 system interfaces in adjustable and suspension versions. versions: A1 sistema without electronic source, A1 sistema with electronic source complete with satin polycarbonate extrusion. A10 sistema without electronic source, A11 sistema without electronic source, A11 sistema with electronic source complete with satin-finished polycarbonate extrusion. wired with 2700K or 3000K 2x13W/m linear electronic source up to 1250lm/m with built-in dimmer switches for diffused light. dynamic propellers n55 matchable: 55/350e les19 9.7W 350mA 1240lm, 55/350 les19 9.7W 350mA 1240lm, 55/500 les19 14W 500mA 1580lm, 55/500 les9 13.6W 500mA 800lm, 65/500e les19 14W 500mA 1580lm, 65/700 les19 19.9W 700mA 2140lm, 65/700 les9 19.5W 700mA 1110lm, 82/1050 les19 30.5W 1050mA 3000lm. n55 dynamic propellers have electronic source 2700K, 3000K or 3000Vb K (designed for haute couture) Ra98 1 step macadam. special n55 connection allows interchange between three types of diffusers: classic, decorative and technical. constant voltage power supply 48Vdc excluded, to be installed remote. accessories: power adapter supplied with 8x1mm² 3000mm cable, linear joints, corner joints, suspension kit. finishes: argento hacca and nero55. A sistema is manageable from mobile device via Viascenario app, the Viabizzuno wireless lighting control system.



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