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traccia terra
IP20-rated floor light fitting for indoor use with a base of diameter Ø300 made in coated iron set for power supply box with built-in rotary potentiometer. microtraccia and tracciameno profiles made of anodized aluminum extrusion fixed in the base prepared for Viabizzuno dimmable pwm electronic sources. versions: traccia terra 2500 microtraccia, h. 2500mm. traccia terra 1800 microtraccia, h. 1800mm. traccia terra 2500 tracciameno, h. 2500mm. traccia terra 1800 tracciameno, h.1800mm. power supply configurations: 240V 50-60Hz plug-in power supply included, 24Vdc wiring for power supply excluded to be installed remotely, rechargeable battery kit. finishes: argento hacca, nero55. traccia terra is manageable from mobile devices via Viascenario app, Viabizzuno's wireless lighting control system.



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