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aprileViabizzunoduemilaventi tre
Viabizzuno inmilano
a pavilion of 1500 square meters on san marco square, a sign of continuous light that united the infinite rules of natural light with the eight rules of artificial light of Viabizzuno, creating ever-changing luminous scenographies between day and night. the first room encapsulated the concepts of solidity and functionality, presenting the technical lighting products and systems of the collection such as the lampadina n35, lampadina n55, traccia system and new lancillotto furniture integrated lighting system. this first area was followed, without interruption, by a room that took the visitor towards musical melodies expressing the preciousness and dynamism of natural light. those melodies introduced guests to a new environment enlivened by the principles of beauty and harmony, where the lucedigrandebellezza (light of great beauty) collection was displayed. the two rooms outlined the symbol of infinity which recalled a holistic and sustainable vision, in which lights dialogue and meet thanks to the passion and continuous research of the scrittori della luce (writers of light).

the pavilion payed tribute to respect as the principle which has been guiding Viabizzuno daily, for almost thirty years, in designing and building its luminaires, technical systems and lucedigrandebellezza (light of great beauty) collection. the word of ancient origins, respect is associated with the act of observing - mankind, nature, space - with the responsibility for the past and a conscious gaze open to renewal.



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