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Viabizzuno milano 2024
ellissi ellissi
light traces
the ‘ellissi ellissi. light traces’ pavilion, an elliptical blade that cuts the sky in two, built in the 400 square meters adjacent to the laboratory of light Viabizzuno inmilano, is conceived to be an urban element that meets, welcomes and amplifies the syncopated rhythms of the vibrant brera district during the design week. to mark its entrance, the new palo gonfalone that, integrating diffuse and accent lighting with an information banner, the gonfalone to be precise, defines with the lucus and lucciola among fragrant mediterranean essences the threshold to be crossed, a point of contact between the urban dimension and the more intimate interior. the intention to build something permanent that would consolidate the dialogue between the Viabizzuno space and the city of milan materialized in the complete renovation of the pool of greenery that runs between the sidewalk on via san marco and the pavilion. lavender and rosemary now enliven the pathway with colors and scents that taste like home.



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