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bacchetta magica led
IP65 rated light fitting for indoor and outdoor use. made of transparent ultraviolet resistant polycarbonate, which can be wall or ceiling installed using the specific installation systems provided, or suspended using the kit to be ordered separately. versions: bacchetta magica led diameter Ø22mm available in 635,935,1235 and 1535mm wired with 3000K 13W/m linear led source with m8 IP67 connector included, constant voltage 24Vdc power supply not included, to be installed remotely. bacchetta magica led diameter Ø40mm available in 1015,1595 and 1895mm available either in the unidirectional version wired with 3000K Ra95 26W/m linear led source and the bi-directional version wired with 3000K Ra95 13W/m double linear led source, 240V 50-60Hz built-in power supply. accessories: cable with m8 IP65 connector available in different lengths for diameter Ø22mm version, constant power derivation system, power supply roses, suspension kit. finishes: transparent polycarbonate.



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