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wet location rated wall or ceiling and stake light fitting for indoor and outdoor use. made of powder oxidised and painted aluminium, consisting of diameter Ø36mm /1.4” h.73mm/2.9” cylindrical head adjustable by 360° on the vertical axis and by 90° on the horizontal axis. versions: p1 parete for wall mounting with a diameter Ø36m/1.4”, p1 picchetto 35 with a diameter Ø12mm rod h.35mm/1.4” above the ground, p1 picchetto 470 with a diameter Ø12mm/0.5” rod h.470mm/18.5” above the ground. wired with 3000K Ra98 led source up to 6.4W 542lm. optics: 32° constant current power supply not included, to be installed remotely. finishes: antique brown, night black, scurodivals and silver grey.



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