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men sole
dry location rated shelf system with electrified vertical rods (montantelettrico) for interior use, made of a special conductive alloy. vertical rods available in the following lengths: 2000mm/78.7’’ and 3000mm/118.1’’. versions: montantelettrico ma1 with single tray, sizes 12x20mm/0.5x0.8’’ for visible or recessed fixing, montantelettrico ma2 with double tray, sizes 24x20mm/0.9x0.8’’ for visible or recessed fixing, montantelettrico mb1 with single tray, sizes 39x20mm/1.5x0.8’’ for fully concealed fixing, montantelettrico mb2 with double tray, sizes 54x20mm/2.1x0.8’’ for fully concealed fixing. wired with linear led sources 3000K 13W/m 24Vdc with current limiter integrated. men sole available with depth up to 500mm/19.7’’ and length up to 979mm/38.5’’. 510mm/20.1’’ length can be inserted inside pieces of furniture with 600mm/23.6’’ modules. versions: men sole 01 with double emission, men sole 02 with double emission and clothes hangers, men sole 03 without light source, men sole 04 with single emission and electrified track designed to accommodate the 1W 12°,13°, 23° or 25° adjustable micromen spotlight, 55x13mm/2.2x0.5’’ h.25mm’’. accessories: extra-clear transparent or black glass; shelves for spices, objects, multifunctional linear module. finishes: polished aluminium, black, ottone ap-s frame; extra-clear transparent or black glass.



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