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IP20 rated suspension, wall, table and floor-standing light fitting for indoor use. made of oxidized aluminum with glass cylinders. the exclusive patented Viabizzuno chain system allow to personalize the light fitting geometry with unlimited possibility of architectural solutions. versions: coppibartali a 4 tavolo, 245mm h.385mm, coppibartali a 12 tavolo, 765mm h.264mm, coppibartali a 24 terra, length 1545mm h.1530mm, coppibartali a 24 tavolo, 1545mm h.264mm, coppibartali a 4 parete, length 245mm h.385mm, coppibartali a 12 parete, length 785mm h.385mm, coppibartali a 24 sospensione, 1545mm h.385mm, coppibartali a 48 sospensione, 3105mm h.385mm, coppibartali a 72 sospensione, 4655mm h.385mm, coppibartali c 24 sospensione, Ø550mm h.385mm, coppibartali c 48 sospensione, Ø1045mm h.385mm, coppibartali c 72 sospensione, Ø1540mm h.385mm, each cylinder is wired with 2700K 3W 287lm led source. modello coppibartali a 4 tavolo 100-240V 48Vdc power supply with plug included, modelli coppibartali a12 tavolo, a24 tavolo 240V 48Vdc power supply with plug included, modelli sospensione 48Vdc constant voltage power supply not included. accessories: ceiling roses, suspension kit e and wall kit for coppibartali a 4 tavolo. finishes: ottone ap-s. customize your light visit



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