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luce dell'aria
integrated system for insulating glass, consisting of an anti uv, opaline extruded polycarbonate profile, to be inserted like a spacer inside the double glazing, acting as a luminous diffuser for a continuous light led source, for application along one or two sides of the insulating glass. it is possible to use the system with all types of couple-glass, starting from a minimum of 3+3mm to proofglas and/or bulltproofglass of desired thickness. it is possible to have a (removable) snap-in mechanism for the closure element in extruded aluminium that supports the led modules; this element also acts as a heat sink. the luminous module consists of a two continuous strips joined by 13W/m leds, each with a colour temperature of 2700K and 4000K Ra80 respectively, powered by 24Vdc low voltage (power supply unit not included). the colour temperatures can be controlled separately using a remote system, obtaining all the colour shades included between the two values. accessories: power cables with screw connector and ‘luce delle nuvole’ control unit.



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