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IP20 rated suspension modular system for indoor use. made of oxidised extruded aluminium having a 106x53mm section and a length of 3000mm. the profile is made of two opposite 36mm wide grooves which can house kits for direct and indirect light, and 3x6mm wide grooves for direct light. the system can also be used for the passage of electric cables using aluminium covers. the 36mm grooves can house: 3-230V tracks, 1000mm, 1500mm, 2000mm linear kit wired with Ra95 3000K 26W/m led source up to 52W, power supply not included, ecomini kits wired with Ra95 3000K up to 17.4W led source, power supply not included, 12° 18° 36° optics. the 6mm grooves can be wired with 13W/m 24Vdc Ra95, with 13W/m and 6W/m 24Vdc Ra90 linea di luce. components: suspension kit accessories: led support, aluminium cover, sanded polycarbonate, prismatic polycarbonate, 13x8 polycarbonate, pair of caps, linear joints and corner joints. finishes: matt silver, bianco V, nero55.



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