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place:paris, milano, napoli, st.moritz, sao paulo, seoul, wien, moskva, london, shanghai, portofino
project:claudio silvestrin architects
lighting project:UpO Viabizzuno
stone and light. a space which distances itself from its commercial function to become architecture, where the clothes on display take on a sense of infinity and timelessness. within this space armani creations find their most congenial setting: a perfect rendition of the armani image, framed by a mingling of form and light to underline the style. each garment has its own space, its own individual source of light, a volume to show its uniqueness. the materials used are few, precious, natural. often it is water, in the guise of a symbolic element, which creates the magic atmosphere. floor and walls are covered with st maximin limestone, fittings are in macassar ebony and antiqued brass.



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