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meno luce meno
place:faenza, italia
lighting project:mario nanni, UpO Viabizzuno
Viabizzuno reseller:flavio venturelli, arte e luce faenza
providing illumination for an urban setting as distinctive as the main square in faenza was for us a very important challenge. our design analysis took into account the historic context and above all the different activities which take place, and have always taken place there: sporting, cultural, and political events. we have designed and patented a moving light operated by 'luna nascente', respecting the architecture of the setting and the magic of night-time. this is a motorised system made discreet and non-invasive by its particular structure. the positioning can be varied by means of suitable programming thus varying the position and intensity of the lighting to suit different hours of evening and night, or to suit the season of the year and the customs of the city and its inhabitants.



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