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cava arcari
place:zovencedo, vicenza, italia
project:david chipperfield architects
buyer:laboratorio morseletto
lighting project:mario nanni
cava arcari is located in northern italy, in the hills around vicenza, the city of palladium. for more than three hundred years, until the fifties, tons of green stone were dug by hand and used as a building material for traditional neoclassical villas of palladian echo and for many statues that decorate the the gardens of the rich residences in the venetian countryside. the quarry is the result of many years of manual extraction, that has produced unique spaces supported by imposing, irregular pillars. the project of the studio david chipperfield architects of milan, commissioned by the laboratorio morseletto reintroduces the white stone of vicenza with a series of platforms arranged on different levels and connected by steps and ramps to allow the maximum flexibility of use: concerts, conferences, screenings and theatre performances. the surrounding spaces, mostly filled with water, illuminated from below, offer an exciting visualshow, supported by a unique sound landscape.



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