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john pawson per valextra
place:milano, italia
project:john pawson
technical sales consultant:alberto tomè
foreman:marta vitorio, max gleeson, nicholas barba, nina isma
the last four years of the iconic valextra boutique, in via manzoni in milan, mark a significant aesthetic path, parallel to the creative evolution of the company. every year, in fact, the space is reinvented and reshaped by a world-class architect. the conceptual reinterpretation of the architectural space expresses the artistic heritage of the luxury leather accessories brand founded in 1937. in the work of the british architect john pawson, to the original purity of the brand correspond the formalism, the clean yet sophisticated but minimal elegance of the project. pawson is one of the top designers of contemporary architecture. the space he has reinterpreted serves as a backdrop to the exhibition of products but, if necessary, turns into an art gallery. from the street, viewers can see the depth of monochromatic interiors: is a seductive invitation to enter and to walk through the three rooms, each pervaded by a subtle, imperceptible and different luminous intensity. the space is rigorous, monumental. colour and light are carefully balanced. the museum atmosphere is made solemn by indirect lighting from sheets of light discreetly hidden in the ceiling: a gradual nuance, as if by divine light, it matches vertical surfaces. the architectural volumes are enhanced by the dance of light and shadow created by the cantilevered structures, placed on different heights. the suspended mensole are finished in plaster and painted, by matching the pre-existing stoneware slabs of the floors. accent lighting of products and in the proximity of the mirrors is achieved thanks to adjustable light system n55, installed completely hidden in the ceiling, with an absolute regard for the essential and minimalist line of pawson’s work. the authentic color of bags and accessories is returned and enhanced by high quality sources, in terms of color fidelity index cri98, ies tm-30 rf 96 and colour saturation index rg 103, at a colour temperature of 3000Vb K for a chromatic consistency and illumination uniformity ideal for the high fashion industry.



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