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tecno a colonia
place:colonia, germania
project:calvi brambilla
buyer:tecno spa
lighting project:Viabizzuno
photos:germano borrelli
for over sixty years tecno has been a leader in the production of interior architecture, for workplaces and public spaces, in design and production of office and high-traffic areas furniture. traditionally follows with attention the new scenarios of living. through the io.T system. tecno is the first in the world of the office to combine experience and excellence, tangible and ‘analogue’ with the intangible one and contemporary ‘digital’. light is added to innovative and revolutionary technologies. the n55 system allows you to obtain multiple benefits: very high quality of light (cri98 r9 98 and rf 96 rg103, sdcm 1), very high efficiency (energy class a++), the possibility of regenerating the electronic light source of the propulsore dinamico. the chosen lens, combined with the n55 binario system, for general lighting and accent is lensoptic, designed with the david chipperfield and arup studio, realized in order to obtain a very high efficiency. total control of the emitted beam minimises glare and guarantees an UGR



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