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uffici midtown
place:tel aviv, israele
project:levin packer architects
lighting project:orly alkabes
technical sales consultant:ramon sigarini
photos:amit geron
we’re in the center of tel aviv. even before entering the midtown office lobby, a bunch of n55 suspended on a bright yellow table enchants passers-by: the decorative bulbs mn01, mn02, pz01, pz02, pz03, kk01 and dc02 they stand out of the black wall, hang down from the ceiling at triple height, floating above the table top, where the visitors read books and magazines. the great chandelier creates an amazing atmosphere, cozy and familiar, attenuating the tones of the majestic and monumental lobby. the n55 lamps suggests you should get closer, they invite you to take your place under the soft rain of lights. the glow of the luminaires resting on the bookcase lighten and vibrate the clean flow of the architectural project. on the sides of the reception, there are two rooms for the lifts, lit by n55 soffitto devices and arranged on the central axis. they illuminate the path, giving depth and continuity to the space, of which the reduced dimensions, the obvious difference in height, material and finish are respected. the colours of the furniture, the textures of the architectural and furnishing materials, obtain chromatic consistency, in harmony with the lighting of the project, thanks to a high quality light: cri98 colour temperature 3000K, step macadam 1, colour fidelity index ies tm-30 rf 96 and color saturation index rg 103.



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