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place:francoforte, germania
project:herbert o. zielinski, architekt BDA, frankfurt am main
lighting project:christoph adlfinger-pullmann (cap), die lichtgestalter GmbH, zwingenberg
photos:stefan josef müller, berlin
the royal bog baths with outbuildings for bog preparation was built between 1903 and1905. the official opening took place on may 8, 1905. built in the art nouveau style, the building was considered avant-garde and, due to the choice of materials used, also luxurious. the bath cells were furnished with marble, mettlacher tiles and terrazzo. the entrance hall also impressed with magnificent stucco reliefs and stained glass motifs. since 1945 there have been repeated changes in the development and structure of the building parts in different periods. the bathing operation in the moor bath ran until 2012. except for the apartments in the middle section, the building has been empty since then and was left to decay. the front section of the building, which now had to be renovated in the first construction phase, and the clock tower on the slope are designated as a cultural monuments. when planning began in 2017, the building complex was in great need of renovation and partially in danger of collapsing. planning of the new moorbadehaus. the external appearance of the building is basically maintained towards the park. conversion, refurbishment and extension will be carried out tin several construction phases. in the first construction phase, first half of 2018, the facade facing the park was renovated, the entrance hall including the bathroom facilities was converted. in the subsequent construction phases, flats and apartments are planned in the side wings and in the attic, as well as a conversion of the entire rear part of the building into a classic car museum with an attached craft beer restaurant. inside, the aim was to create free space for a various uses by means of reduction. highest quality materials and exceptional workmanship are not only found in architecture, but also in the lighting design. thus, architecture, interior design and lighting design enter into a perceptible symbiosis, which makes the rooms shine in an unprecedented brilliance.



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