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w project
place:tel aviv, israel
project:mano shallem
lighting project:tzach cohen
photos:oded smadar
the project was designed for an art collector, so our main goal was to create effect that emphasise the art objects. we wanted to give the art the respect it deserves, with the direct lighting, without attracting any attention to the light source. for that we used an minimalistic fixtures that won’t steal the show from the art. for example the general lighting for the art along the house crated by 094 system combined with internal lighting and spots. in the other hand, in some regions of the penthouse we did want to use lighting fixtures that will be the maim focus and take all of the attention. so for the kitchen we used the peled, like kind of a partition that separates the living room, witch is very calm lighting wise and full of art, to the kitchen, witch is a practical working area. in the bathrooms it was very important for us to use practical and clean looking fixtures, so we chose the n55 fixtures, witch is the best for shaving and makeup, and also have a minimal design element to it, that works amazing with the bathrooms design. the master room gets a touch of decorative element. the sempre mia is hanging on the corner of the room - like a jewellery, while the rest of the room gets a very quiet and practical lighting. our lighting concept in the studio is always designing the lighting as minimal and practical as possible, using only few decorative lighting fixtures, that become the jewellery of the space.



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