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padiglione Via…ggiando per costruirsi
project:mario nanni progettista
lighting project:mario nanni progettista
art meets at the Via…ggiando pavilion. the mobile space designed by mario nanni as a workshop of ideas, designs, intentions and actions works with the festival of contemporary art in a european journey to promote opportunities for encounters and comparisons between art and all forms of contemporary design. the pavilion, a truck conceived as a space devoted to hospitality and experimentation, in which opportunities are created to learn about and understand the meaning of creating and making art, takes up residence in the heart of europe's capitals during the most important art, culture, entertainment, design and architecture events. on board the Via…ggiando pavilion, we travel to contemporary art venues and appointments to open up the light-related thought of mario nanni to ever-new possibilities of design, partly thanks to a series of travelling meetings devoted to the themes of contemporary art and culture, presented by those directly concerned. the pavilion is a moving space, a developing and changing venue, an architectural space which aims to slot into the urban landscape like a temporary place for meeting and communicating. a contemporary journey providing a chance to compare experiences and visions of the role of catalyser that can be played by contemporary art and design in rediscovering the city, in strengthening the identity of the territory and in the quality of participation in urban life.



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