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the Viabizzuno journal that describes our way of making light. to appreciate, study and explore project and architectures, people and events and work together with the art of light.
available also in digital version.
report 26primo semestre 2011
displaying oneself with light
projects: serpentine gallery pavilion – london, united kingdom
fondazione prada - venice
maxxi museum rome - whatami - rome
hepworth wakefield gallery – united kingdom
la parete narrante (the narrating wall), fondazione la biennale of venice
Viabizzuno milan april 2011 euroshop 2011
'a journey among the masterpieces of italian literature' at the quirinale - rome
david chipperfield ‘form matters’- pisa
oltre il corpo, l’uomo - florence
bjarnhoff space - copenhagen, denmark
gucci museum- florence
second Viabizzuno worldwide light congress
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